Cleanroom Ventilation


Cleanroom Ventilation Cleanrooms require careful design, with systems that make sure the air is particle free to a prescribed level or class, but also cleanable to maintain cleanliness at all…

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Arena Ventilation


Arena Ventilation Arena ventilation is a popular application for Prihoda. By using fabric ducting significant cost savings can be made when compared with that of a traditional rigid system. Our…

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Whitmore School


Whitmore School Prihoda were involved in the design and supply of bespoke fabric ducts for the canteen and sports hall at Whitmore School, North London. In the canteen 4 half…

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Large Fabric Nozzles


Large Fabric Nozzles For very long throw applications (tall buildings for example) large fabric nozzles are the perfect diffusion solution. Constructed from the same material as the duct itself, sonic…

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