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Prihoda Tex-tile

Prihoda Tex-tiles are a bit different from our usual products. With the exception of their aluminium frame they are made entirely from fabric, including the equalizer and plenum box above the ceiling. Depending on the design chosen they distribute air along a ceiling either in a swirling manner or in one or more directions. The […]

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Laboratory Ventilation

Labs typically require quite large volumes of make-up air to replace the air extracted through fume cupboards and other equipment.  Using a traditional system with rigid ducting and grilles could create issues with draughts, noise and balancing, not to mention cleaning. Prihoda Fabric Ducts are perfect for laboratories because they act as ducts and diffusers […]

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Macmillan Publishing

Recently Prihoda were approached to design a fabric ducting scheme for Macmillan Publishing. In one particular area of the building there were three Fan Coil Units (FCU) and the original arrangement meant the air distribution was inadequate, creating draughts in some spaces and hot spots in others. Relocating the FCUs would have been a huge […]

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