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Prihoda Washing and Maintenance Services

Prihoda Washing and Maintenance Services: The Problem Our washing services have been available for many years now. Based upon the high hygiene standards in the UK food industry food manufacturers ask us to schedule their Air Sock cleaning either once or twice a year, depending upon the type of area the fabric duct is installed […]

Food Based Applications

Food-based Applications Food based applications is probably our largest sector at Prihoda UK. We offer food ventilation systems, food air sock systems and air sock cleaning services  – look here for more on our food fabric ducting services. Here we’ve created a gallery page with a mix of UK and European food projects for you […]

Prihoda REVIT fabric ducting design plugin

Prihoda REVIT fabric ducting design plugin Prihoda fabric ducting is custom made for every single project – no two projects are identical making every fabric duct different in terms of design, size, shape and diffusion rate etc. This leads to some problems when looking at developing model families for REVIT. So Prihoda have decided to […]

Office fabric ducting with Prihoda

Office fabric ducting with Prihoda Offices present some interesting problems with regard to air movement and temperature. Also, office environments are extremely sensitive to draughts and yet can require some quite significant cooling and heating air movement. Cassette air conditioning often creates draughts under cooling and this encapsulates the problem, how does one installation cater […]

What is Displacement Ventilation?

What is Displacement Ventilation? Displacement Ventilation introduces supply air into a room at low velocity and usually at low level.  The air volume of a displacement system is usually quite high in comparison with mixing systems and the supply air temperature difference usually quite small (typically no more than 4k). The idea being that a […]

Advantages of fabric ducting

Advantage of fabric ducting There are many advantages of choosing fabric ducting over a more traditional rigid system, but the main point to take away from this post is that every fabric ducting system is designed and manufactured from scratch, so there is no stock.  This means that the duct has been optimally designed for […]

How is fabric ducting installed?

How is fabric ducting installed? Installation of Prihoda fabric ducting or air socks is quick and simple and uses a minimum number of well-designed components. Fabric ducting is installed within the space it serves. There is much more surface area of ducting in the space and the ducting has a system of holes or nozzles […]

What is fabric ducting made of?

What is fabric ducting made of? Fabric Ducting or Air Socks is a ventilation ducting solution that is made from a flame retardant Polyester material.  It delivers air into a room via a variety of methods, such as micro-perforations diffusers, laser cut perforations or fabric nozzles. The supply air and the external static pressure created […]

Aerospace Bristol museum

Aerospace Bristol museum The Aerospace Bristol museum has been carefully constructed over the course of a few years in a series of impressive hangers at what were once the Filton Based Bristol Aircraft Company (BAC)’s headquarters occupying 9 acres on Filton Airfield. The site, hallowed ground if you’re an aviation enthusiast, boasts 5000m2 of exhibition […]

How to clean fabric ducts

How to clean fabric ducts We have spent thousands developing our own in house washing facility to clean fabric ducts, where we inspect, wash/treat and cool dry our customers fabric ducting products (no matter who made them), to ensure that we’re giving the very best care to every system we look after.  However, many companies […]

Fabric ducting maintenance and washing services

Fabric ducting maintenance and washing services Prihoda UK Ltd. is responsible for the design and supply of fabric ducting systems throughout the UK and Ireland.  We have over 1,000 systems installed and fully operational and have been designing and installing systems for over 20 years. Designing and installing a system that meets the needs of […]

Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certificate

Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certificate Did you know that our Prihoda polyester fabric ducting materials have been approved by Oeko-Tex and hold the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certificate. STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is an independent product label for all types of textiles tested for harmful substances – from yarns and fabrics to the ready-to-use items that you […]

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