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Eden Project requirements


Eden Project

Prihoda was specified to design and supply high quality Fabric Ducting systems for a restaurant area within the Eden Project. The duct provided two distinct air patterns, at the front facing the restaurant air exited large diameter laser cut perforations to jet into the seating area whilst at the back of the duct, facing the […]

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prihoda air flow graphic


Air Flow Graphics

At Prihoda we have developed our own quotation software that also generates visual air flow graphics for each individual system based on the type of diffuser, diffuser pattern, air temperature and system pressure. It’s important that our customers understand and have confidence in what is being proposed and to have the opportunity to question or […]

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Fabric Nozzles

Prihoda Fabric Nozzles are made from the same material as the duct. Therefore, the material of the nozzle has the same properties as the duct itself, the same colour and the same flame retardant properties. Small fabric nozzles are available in 20mm, 30mm and 40mm diameters and are created to throw air in a focused […]

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Prihoda Textile Duct


FBD Insurance

Prihoda recently worked with FBD Insurance to address the customer’s primary concerns of comfort within FBD House. The building itself has two large, long facades one of which is predominantly south facing. The large windows in each façade means different environmental requirements are needed in different areas of the building, for example more cooling is […]

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