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The leading supplier of bespoke fabric ducting products in the UK and Ireland.

We are a leading supplier of bespoke fabric ducting products in the UK and Ireland. From our main UK office in Derbyshire, we provide fabric duct design, sales and support.

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Our Mission

At Prihoda UK, our priority is to provide a professional service and always supply a high-quality product. It is our job to assist and inform, to guide and ask questions, and ultimately ensure that – through confidence in us and our products – our customers are motivated to work with us. We aim to quote quickly and accurately, providing a high level of information to allow our customers to make informed choices about air movement, noise, system design and velocity/comfort levels. We expect to have all our products manufactured and delivered within a 4-week window.

Our Story

As an industrial refrigeration design engineer and project manager back in the 90s, Paul Russon was familiar with fabric ducting and was a regular specifier of the product for food processing areas.

In 1999 Paul established an exclusive distributorship for the design and supply of fabric ducting systems, which became Prihoda UK Ltd in 2010.

Material and manufacturing technology have changed quite a lot in the 20+ years that we’ve been designing and specifying air sock systems. Food processing remains a large part of our work, but we now provide systems for almost every conceivable application. With each system designed to order and a wide choice of diffuser options, Prihoda can create a bespoke air pattern for every project – from 20m tall warehousing to 2.4m high offices.


Prihoda Value

We believe in offering the best ratio of quality and price. That is our focus, to remain competitive across the world whilst providing a high-quality product designed to last a long time. Following Mr Zdeněk Příhoda’s vision, we reinvest our profits and focus on innovation, research and development, and our work is never finished. We want to keep the product developing and improving all the time, offering a really good product and being competitive in the market at the same time. This is what we aim to achieve, and this is what allows us to continue to grow.


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About Prihoda s.r.o

Prihoda s.r.o. was founded in the Czech Republic in 1994 by Mr Zdeněk Prihoda, who remains a very active owner of the business today. Prihoda has grown enormously since those early days and now employs over 200 people over 3 sites in the Czech town of Hlinsko. In 2017, we opened new subsidiaries in China and Mexico, expanding the company’s production capacity and supporting coverage in Asia and America. We supply fabric ducting to over 60 countries worldwide.

Prihoda remains one of the most innovative fabric ducting companies in the world, having been the first to introduce a 10-year warranty and micro-perforation diffusers. We are the only company to offer a production Negative Pressure Extract Fabric Ducting System and we remain the only company in Europe to offer a fully 100% post-consumer recycled material fabric ducting range.

Training: Prihoda Academy

At Prihoda, we recognise that our product is only as good as the people who design, sell and support it. That’s why we have created the Prihoda Academy.

The Prihoda Academy was specifically created to train our agents, representatives and designers in all things Prihoda. We have many diffuser types, suspension options, material choices and fantastic in-house software to assist in the design and selection of Prihoda fabric ducting products. It’s important, for example, to know what kind of air pattern results from laser cut perforations. But it’s perhaps more important to know how to manipulate these air patterns to create the precise air pattern required for the customer’s project.

With Prihoda Academy, we can also receive valuable feedback. While training our agents and designers we hear thoughts and opinions we may never ordinarily get to hear, and these teach us and influence our development of Prihoda products, both existing and future. We are driven by the desire to ensure our customers and end users are provided with the perfect solutions for their project needs.

Prihoda has representatives in over 90 countries around the world, so we take the Prihoda Academy to locations near them.

Training: CPD Courses

We have a CIBSE approved CPD course for engineers wishing to know more about fabric ducting as a product.

We have created our Fabric Ducting Design (Overview) course to provide engineers with a good understanding of fabric ducting and things to consider during selection. During this course, we discuss common design principles, suitable applications, air patterns from different styles of diffuser, common pitfalls and many other considerations.

The course lasts for about an hour with questions, and it is ideal as a lunchtime seminar for groups of engineers with an interest in the product.

Additional CPD courses going into further detail on the subjects of ‘Diffusers and Air Distribution’ and ‘Pressure’ will become available at some point in the future.

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