Hospital Ventilation

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Effortlessly clean

When it comes to ventilation, hospitals present a very particular challenge. Airflow requirements for hospitals and other healthcare facilities go beyond comfort and air quality: they are part of an entire system designed to support healing, provide infection control, and prevent the spread of airborne pathogens. Hygiene is an integral part of this approach. Prihoda fabric ducts are as easy to clean as unzipping and throwing in a washing machine. We manufacture our ducts using long-lasting, cleanroom-certified material. Antimicrobial fabric ducting is achieved using Dupont’s Silvadur technology, ensuring safe, fresh, clean air supply at all times.

Benefits of using Prihoda Fabric ducts for Hospital Ventilation

Gentle airflow for absolute comfort

Hospital ventilation is not only concerned with hygiene; research shows that patient comfort encourages recovery. Prihoda fabric ducting can deliver gentle, draught-free conditioned air to hospitals thanks to our unique directional microperforations, which are tailored specifically to the space where the duct will be installed. All our fabric duct systems are bespoke and engineered with precision. We use a combination of innovative diffusers to design the most favourable airflow pattern, whether it is in hospital wards, corridors or offices. Our expert design team can achieve remarkably quiet air supply, guaranteeing the comfort of patients, healthcare staff and visitors.

Prihoda Art

We offer our fabric ducts in 9 colours at no extra charge. For endless customization, why not take a look at our Prihoda Art service? Any colour or graphic can be printed on our fabric ducts to create a pleasing, welcoming environment for hospital patients and their families. Because a pleasant environment leads to better health outcomes.

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