Fabric Duct Maintenance

Proven experience – Air sock cleaning

Fabric ducts don’t require a lot of maintenance but, like everything, they do need some care. All our ducts come with a comprehensive care label detailing the needs of each duct material. But for the greatest convenience, we also offer an expert fabric duct maintenance and washing service designed to keep your fabric ducting in excellent condition.

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Textile duct cleaning process

On receipt of the system, we review the condition of the ducts, photograph any areas with damage or wear, and advise on what we can do. We can repair broken zippers and material damage before washing. We then wash the ducts, always following the best practices for the specific material. Antibacterial and anti-mould treatments are available as fabric duct cleaning option.

Once the fabric duct cleaning is complete, we dry the ducts at a gentle temperature and low spin cycle to minimize wear and tear and ensure their longevity. Finally, we carefully fold and pack your ducts in labelled, clear plastic bags ready for delivery or storage. A washing certificate is issued with every air sock maintenance cycle.

Air sock maintenance tailored to your needs

We know your operations require strict hygiene standards. For your peace of mind, we offer a scheduled textile duct maintenance option through Prihoda Care, our rotational maintenance contract service.

We can visit, remove and reinstall your ducts after maintenance. We can also provide spare ducts for any application – no matter who manufactured the original system. Result: minimum downtime for maximum care.

Why choose Prihoda?

Flame Retardant EN1501-1 (b-s1-d0)
Choose From 9 Colours at no additional cost
10-Year Warranty quality guarantee
Cleanroom Specification ISO4 (Class 10)
Non Hygroscopic Moisture repellent materials
Anti-Bacterial options available
Oeko-Tex 100 Certified no harmful chemicals
Recycled Material 100% post consumer recycled material available
Custom Printing Options any colour, logo, graphic or design
Non-Shrink Consistent shape in any condition

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