1. Prices quoted are effective for sixty (60) days from the date of quotation.
  2. All orders are subject to acceptance or rejection by Prihoda UK Ltd referred to hereafter as “Seller.” No order or contract shall be deemed accepted unless and until acceptance (acknowledgement) is made in writing by the Seller.
  3. Payment terms for approved orders are net thirty (30) days from date of invoice. All past due accounts will bear interest at the rate of eighteen percent (18%) per annum. Overdue accounts may be considered grounds for rearranging or cancellation of any outstanding orders. In any action to collect an overdue invoice, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover legal fees, costs and interest owed.
  4. Generally the first order with a purchaser shall be on a pro‐forma payment basis. If at any time, in the judgement of Seller, the sale of the seller’s products to the purchaser may pose a financial risk to the seller, the seller may suspend production or shipment of an acknowledged order and the Seller may require full or partial payment prior to release for production or shipment.
  5. All designs and patentable features, including those resulting from the Purchasers requirements, are and will remain the property of the Seller.
  6. Prices provided are exclusive of value added tax (VAT). VAT will be added to the seller’s invoice to the purchaser at the prevailing rate at the time of invoice.
  7. The acknowledged (confirmed) shipment date for an approved order is Seller’s best estimate of the time the materials will be shipped from the factory. The Seller shall have no liability for loss, damage or consequential damages due to delays. The Seller shall not be liable for any delays that occur due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control.
  8. Unless otherwise agreed by Seller and Purchaser at the time of order, all shipments will be arranged and organised by the Seller for delivery to the Purchaser at the premises or site of works as agreed on the order acknowledgement provided by the seller. The responsibility for the materials transfers to the Purchaser at the point of delivery of the materials. It is accepted that the materials have been delivered in a complete and acceptable condition unless stated otherwise by the Purchaser within 48 hours of the delivery.
  9. The Seller’s products are covered by its standard warranty conditions unless otherwise specified in the Seller’s terms and conditions agreed to at the time of sale.
  10. The Purchaser may, at any time, request a change in the quoted specifications, method of packing and shipment, date for delivery, etc. If requested changes would result in increased costs or time to complete the manufacture of products ordered, the Seller shall submit a revised quotation for the price and schedule for which the change can be implemented. The Seller will provide with the revised quotation, an acceptance period for implementing order changes.
  11. In no event shall Seller or its subcontractors or suppliers be liable for any special, incidental or consequential loss or damage. The Seller’s maximum liability shall not exceed the purchase price of the system ordered with the seller by the purchaser.
  12. Prices do not include installation, training or other services except as specifically offered in the quotation.
  13. The Seller will not accept or be bound by unfair or disadvantageous order conditions provided by the purchaser including (but not limited to) payment discounts, extended payment terms (not previously agreed by the seller) counter claims or losses of any nature not previously identified and agreed between the seller and purchaser.
  14. The rights and obligations of Seller and Purchaser with respect to Seller’s quotation and any resulting order shall be governed by the laws of the United Kingdom.
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