Design and supply of fabric ducting systems

Prihoda understand air temperature and air movement. We design every system from scratch – there is no stock, all systems are bespoke and designed specifically for that application. The aesthetics, diameter, length, air pattern, everything is designed to produce the air flow profiles demanded by that application. We produce comprehensive drawings and air flow graphics including REVIT and CAD drawings.

Truly the only ducting system designed and manufactured from scratch to suit every specific project.

Installation Services – Fabric Systems

Prihoda also have a network of approved installers across the UK (although we are equally happy to support your installation team).

We are fully insured and CHAS registered, our engineers hold all of the relevant certifications with IPAF licenses and CSCS cards etc.

We always survey every installation prior to work commencing and produce our own Risk and Method Statements for your information and approval.

Maintenance of Fabric Ducting Systems

All ducts need cleaning eventually and Prihoda can offer you a simple or comprehensive maintenance and cleaning service to suit your needs.  We can visit, remove, wash and re-install systems, or in the case of you having spare systems for rotational washing we stock the spare system for you or return it for you to store.

Alternatively if the removal and re-installation is to be done by others we can accept the ducts here for washing and return to you.

All ducts will be professionally washed and dried in industrial washing machines at low temperature. We’ll press, fold and bag your ducts for storage.  Please contact us to discuss a solution that suits you, from a simple wash to a comprehensive rolling scheduled maintenance arrangement.

We can supply replacement systems for any manufacturer of fabric ducting.

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Design and Supply of Fabric Swirl Diffusers

We have a range of fabric based ceiling tile diffusers designed to sit into grid ceiling systems. Easy to clean Prihoda diffusers are held in place with zippers and velcro and simply cleaned in a standard washing machine.

Lightweight these diffusers are designed to replace the weight of the ceiling tile removed.  These diffusers are made from flame retardant polyester and come complete with a fabric plenum box and equaliser (an insulated plenum box is available for cooling applications).

A mixture of colours and sizes are available, please contact us for further information.

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