Fabric Duct Design

Design overview

Fabric ducting is suitable for almost any application and each duct is designed specifically for each unique space. As you can imagine this means that we design systems for an incredibly diverse range of applications, and we have a huge amount of experience in understanding pretty much what design detail is required in each industry.

In over 20 years of designing and specifying fabric ducting systems there isn’t much we haven’t come across and hopefully we can use this experience to make sure we’re designing the correct system for your project.

Specialist software

Using bespoke in-house Prihoda design software we can design systems that match each application perfectly. We analyse each design in terms of velocity, pressure drop, noise, vibration and of course air distribution.

Equally important is the experience we can bring with regard to appropriate shapes, inlet sizes and positions and different methods of suspension. We want to make sure that your systems are aesthetic as well as fit for purpose.

In addition to our in-house software and the information that provides – we can also offer our own in-house CFD design service where we use market leading Fluent Ansys design software. This is usually for projects where an additional level of confidence is required prior to proceeding and we charge an hourly rate to cover the cost of the licences required to be able to offer this service.

Bespoke air distribution

Air distribution is an art in itself, we understand how to use the wide range of diffusers we have available to create mixed or displacement air patterns, different air throw distances, and how we can influence occupied zone temperature and velocity through use of pressure, entrainment values and delta t (temperature difference).

All of this information is communicated to our customers through our technical files attached to our quotations including description, technical drawings, airflow graphics and noise data.

With each quotation and design we aim to ensure that the recipient is comfortable and has confidence in what has been selected by providing all of the technical and visual information needed to verify suitability with the application requirements.



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