Fabric Ducting Essentials

Prihoda design and supply Fabric Duct Systems for the UK and Ireland.

Fabric ducting is mounted in the room or space being conditioned. There is no stock product, each duct is designed specifically to deliver the air pattern and velocity required for the room. Because there’s a lot more surface area of ducting within the space when using a textile diffuser system the air distribution is much improved and can be designed for a variety of purposes.

Permeable materials allow cooling below dew point without condensation and micro-perforation technology delivers air without draughts. Nozzles are available for heating and long throw applications. Bends, transitions, branches, changes in height or direction are all possible. Sections zip together to form the system designed and our fabrics are available in a range of colours and printing options.

Prihoda Fabric Ducting has been developed specifically for the purpose of delivering air into a variety of environments. Our ducting systems are rugged and built to last and come with a 10 year warranty. Capital cost is low and maintenance is quick and easy.

Fabric Ducting Features
  • Flame Retardant EN1501-1 (b-s1-d0)
  • 9 colours to choose from at no additional cost
  • 10 years warranty
  • Cleanroom specification ISO4 (Class 10)
  • Non Hygroscopic
  • Non Shrink
  • Anti-Bacterial option available
  • Oeko-Tex 100 certified (no harmful chemicals)
  • 100% post consumer recycled material available
  • Optional printing of any colour, logo, graphic or design

About Prihoda

With over 20 years Fabric Duct design knowledge and more than a thousand systems already operating in the UK and Ireland, we have an experienced team ready to deal with any type or size of project.

At Prihoda we offer fast quotation turnaround with detailed drawings and air flow graphics so that our customers have the confidence to know exactly what is being supplied. Installation and Maintenance services are also available as options.

As part of our Prihoda Care service we have our own in-house laundry offering low temperature washing and drying of Air Sock systems. We ensure correct handling and provide anti-bacterial and anti-mould treatments. We can offer installation and storage as options within the Prihoda Care package – please contact us for further details.

Prihoda are renowned for our specialised textile ventilation systems, providing fabric ducting and diffusers and air socks for ventilation projects all over the UK and Ireland.

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What Our Customers Say

air supply equipment diagram

“We’ve worked with Mark and Paul on several projects recently, always competitive, always helpful, friendly and proactive”

OEM – Air Supply Equipment
fabric ducting testimonial

“We’ve used Prihoda for many years now. They tick all of the boxes, fast and reactive when you need them to be and they’ve always been proactive with any issues or concerns we may have had”

Environmental Systems Specialist – Eastern England
airflow diagram

“Prihoda developed an entirely new diffuser for us to get over a specific customer production issue. Designed together and calculated using CFD prior to manufacture their knowledge and abilities seriously reduced our risk on this project, and our customer is very happy”

Refrigeration Contractor – Midlands

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