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What is Prihoda Art?

Prihoda Art is a service that allows the imagination to GO WILD!  And this is in addition to our market-leading 9 stock colours that are always available from Prihoda at no additional cost.

For an additional charge per square metre of material, we can apply any particular colour or image to your fabric ducting system to turn it into something that blends perfectly, has company colours or branding, or something that SHOUTS OUT by being vibrant or daring in connection with its environment.

You can create art out of air diffusion.

Prihoda art - restaurant
Prihoda Art - themed

How does it work?

Because we make our fabric material to be suitable for food manufacturing and cleanroom environments, it is non-fibre shedding and has a very stable weave – its surface isn’t fluffy and irregular but smooth and wipe clean. This makes it ideal for our Prihoda Art process.

Working with a specialist manufacturer of digital art machines, we’ve developed a system capable of applying an even, stable, indelible image onto the flame retardant fabric weave. This can be washed as normal without fear of fading.

How much does it cost?

The system we’ve developed allows us to create wonderful images and colours efficiently and cost-effectively. We’ve set the system up so that those orders with Prihoda Art graphics require, on average, no more than one additional day for production time.

It is generally a very affordable option – costs vary depending upon the size of the images or graphics to be printed.

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