Light or Temporary Structures Ventilation

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Ventilation for marquees and temporary structures

Marquees and other lightweight or temporary structures often have little to no air movement. Or sometimes they have very crude ad-hoc systems with large holes cut in them. It doesn’t have to be this way! Our lightweight ducting systems are long-lasting and can deliver intensive cooling or heating effectively and aesthetically. We design each system individually to fit the space. That way, we can ensure that the diffusion design will provide maximum comfort for all occupants.

Lightweight green fabric duct in a marquee

Benefits of using Prihoda Fabric ducts for Light or Temporary Structures Ventilation

Easy install and clean

There are several installation methods. With options ranging from galvanised wire to lightweight aluminium rails, you can get really neat and great looking installations. Prihoda textile based ventilation systems are a low capital cost, fast to install and effortlessly simple to unzip and clean in a domestic or commercial washing machine.

Any colour, graphic or message with Prihoda Art

Our ducts are always cleanroom non-fibre shedding as standard and are completely flame retardant to European and US regulatory standards. You can choose from a range of stock colours or have any colour, graphic or message printed on the ducts with our Prihoda Art system. Make the ducts a feature, brighten up the room or deliver relevant messages in different tents or social spaces. The sky’s the limit with Prihoda Art. Contact us for more information or get an instant quote now!

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