The Prihoda colour range for fabric ducting

Prihoda fabric ducts are available in a range of 9 standard stock colours at no additional cost. You can have all of the ducts in one colour, several different colours, or even have zipped sections in different colours: it’s all the same price.

For example, food factories tend to have blue fabric ducts for low-risk areas and red for high-care areas. Play facilities often have ducts made of zipped sections in different colours. High hygiene facilities usually have spare sets of ducts (wash one set, use the other) in different colours. Theatres often choose our black colour as standard. If requested, we can also powder coat our anodised aluminium rails to match the colour of the duct.

With our Prihoda Art service, we can also print any design, colour or pattern on our ducts without extending the delivery time. The possibilities are endless! Choose a unique colour or add a brand message. With Prihoda art, it’s all up to you.

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Yellow fabric ducts in a gym

Stock colours: no additional cost to choose any of these colours (or a mixture of all of them).

WH – White

Pantone 0

Ral 9016

YL – Yellow

Pantone 135

Ral 1017

LG – Light Grey

Pantone 420

Ral 7035

DG – Dark Grey

Pantone 424

Ral 7037

GR – Green

Pantone 341

Ral 6024

RD – Red

Pantone 187

Ral 3001

LB – Light Blue

Pantone 2915

Ral 5012

DB – Dark Blue

Pantone 7462

Ral 5005

BK – Black

Pantone 419

Ral 9017