Theatre & Cinema Ventilation

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Maintain sound performance

Acoustics are one of the most important aspects of equipment design in venues, theatres and cinemas. Unlike rigid ducts, fabric ducting systems do not deflect, distort or reflect performance sounds back at the audience, thanks to their matte (typically black) flameproof polyester material.

Benefits of using Prihoda Fabric ducts for Theatre & Cinema Ventilation

Velocity dependent on your requirements

Prihoda textile-based ventilation systems are made bespoke for each project. For example, the same duct can deliver a smaller air volume at the highest point of the tiered seating, where the duct is closest to the occupants, whilst also delivering lots of air lower down, closer to the stage. Managing the supply air volume and velocity in each area through careful diffuser design can greatly enhance occupant comfort, not just in theatres but also other types of venues and spaces.

Low cost and fast to install

Prihoda fabric ducting systems are lower cost and much faster to install than equivalent rigid ducting systems, making them an excellent ventilation alternative for venues, cinemas and theatres. Their maintenance requires minimal downtime, as they can be removed quickly and easily for cleaning. Keeping fabric ducting in tiptop condition throughout its installed life is practically effortless. Our textile ducting comes with a 10-year warranty on materials and sewn joints. We offer our customers and specifiers enhanced levels of information about our ducting systems. All our quotations provide air velocity graphics and noise calculations specific to each design, allowing you to make confident decisions about all aspects of a Prihoda fabric ducting system.

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