Indoor And Vertical Farming Ventilation

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Indoor and vertical farming ventilation

Indoor farming is an efficient method of farming that uses less space, produces consistent quality, provides easier pest/disease control and yields product all year round. It is not affected by the seasons, as the indoor environment is controlled through the ventilation system. Vertical farming under LED lighting is a growing sector of Prihoda’s agricultural work, with dozens of systems supplied to multiple projects over the last few years. Delivering the correct environmental conditions can be challenging due to the compact dimensions of a typical vertical farm. With fabric ducts, we can set up the perfect air distribution to provide optimal temperature and humidity for the growing crops, maximising yield and quality.

Benefits of using Prihoda Fabric ducts for Indoor Farm Ventilation

Easy to clean and hygienic

Our fabric ducts are made up of zipped sections, which makes it easy to remove them for washing even in more complex layouts with multiple branches and levels. Once unmounted, they can simply be washed in a washing machine and dried before reinstalling them in place. To minimise downtime, many of our clients keep a spare set of ducts or make use of our rotational washing contracts.

Efficient use of space

Vertical farming is inherently efficient in terms of space, with plant trays generally stacked in racking rows. With fabric ducting, we can effectively use the available space to create a duct layout that fits the facility’s dimensions precisely. This typically means setting fabric ducts alongside each level of each rack, supplying the right airflow for the type of crops growing in the trays. The expected height of the plants, existing racking hardware, light fixtures, etc., are all taken into account to create the optimal growing environment in terms of airflow velocity, humidity and temperature.

Bespoke distribution to support growing crops

Ventilation is crucial to crop production in vertical farming facilities, requiring a carefully controlled environment kept at the right temperature, relative humidity and airflow. Indoor farming operations require very large air volumes to maintain the best crop growing conditions. With Prihoda fabric ducts, we can design the air distribution to work with the farm layout, producing an even distribution of conditioned air at every level of the vertical farm, without sacrificing the farm’s space savings or sustainability. For fragile plants and seedlings, we select low velocity diffusers to supply the air gently over the plants, supporting their development without causing damage to delicate plant tissue.

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