Retail Air Ventilation

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Supermarket applications

Prihoda has completed many large supermarket and retail fabric ducting projects for customers such as ASDA, Morrisons and IKEA to name a few! Large open retail areas are perfect for discovering the economies of scale achievable with textile based ventilation systems.

Benefits of using Prihoda Fabric ducts for Retail Air Ventilation

Save 70% on installation costs

Large open spaces require lots of rigid duct and separate diffusers, along with secondary steelwork, and possibly insulation and attenuators. This is all available with a fabric ducting systems at a much lower capital and installation cost. A typical fabric ducting system is a duct and diffuser in one product and requires much less secondary support that a rigid system leading to significant purchase and installation cost savings, as much as 70%!

Unique to you and as individual as you want

Our Prihoda Next Generation fabric ducting isn’t just about conditioning a space. We now offer a system that can create colour, design, graphic or message to make your fabric ventilation system a platform for your brand or message all across the store. Unique to you and as individual as you want. Contact us for more details.

Air flow where you need it!

Because textile diffusers are designed for each project from scratch, they are bespoke systems that deliver air exactly where it’s required at the velocities required. Branches often have sections without diffusion where they cross over refrigerated cabinets or they run along a row of checkouts to deliver warm low velocity air where the staff benefit most.

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