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Bespoke Air Patterns For Factory Ventilation

Ventilation for manufacturing can have very specific requirements depending on what it is that the factory produces. No two factories are the same or have the same ventilation requirements. Some factories need spot cooling above conveyor belts, whereas some factory ventilation is used to provide a comfortable working environment in production areas. Prihoda fabric ducts create bespoke air patterns to deliver the air exactly where it is needed, whether it is for heating or cooling, temperature-controlled environments, smooth air mixing, etc.

Benefits of using Prihoda Fabric ducts for Manufacturing Ventilation

Quick installation of ductwork

Prihoda fabric ducts are much quicker to install than equivalent rigid ducting alternatives, requiring less down time for round-the-clock factory operations. Each section slides neatly into the mounts before being zipped together with the adjacent sections. Fabric ducts can also help you save on labour installation costs: the weight of a fabric diffuser is a fraction of the weight of an equivalent galvanised duct, making it easier to handle during installation, even when it’s at height.

Engineered air patterns

Factory ventilation can be tricky depending on the type of manufacturing operations, the size and layout of the building, and many other factors unique to each factory. Our fabric duct designers take into account the required/available air volume and pressure, existing equipment, room dimensions, purpose noise considerations and many other factors to select the fabric diffusers that will deliver the results you require. The exact size and location of the diffusers, along with the distance from one another, number of rows, etc., are then calculated precisely to ensure the operation of the fabric duct is as intended, and that they create the perfect air distribution pattern for your factory ventilation requirements.

Washable ventilation diffusers

Thanks to the specialist textile material, all Prihoda fabric ducts and diffusers are washable at low temperature in an industrial washing machine. They are quick to remove from the mounts for washing, and quick to install back up. To further minimise disruption to factory operations, many of our customers choose to keep identical spares so that the only down time is the short time it takes to swap from one set of fabric ducts to the spare set. Please contact us for more information.


Fabric ducts and diffusers are an affordable ventilation option for the manufacturing industry. The quicker installation, much smaller shipping volume, lower cost textile material and lower levels of secondary steelwork all translate into an overall lower capital cost than traditional rigid ducting. Lower costs also extend to lower maintenance costs, thanks to the washability of the fabric material. For manufacturing industry ventilation, fabric ducts are typically ‘set and forget’.

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