Clarks Shoes – Prihoda provides spot cooling


Clarks Shoes Distribution Warehouse

Clarks distribution warehouse is a vast area and during summer conditions working around the racking and mezzanine areas can get incredibly warm for the employees.  Clarks approached our customer for an innovative solution to provide spot cooling for employees working around the racking and picking conveyors.  Working with our customer, an environmental systems design and installation contractor, we developed designs and supplied air flow graphics to model the air pattern and velocities and temperatures in the occupied zones.  It was decided to offer cool spots at regular lengths along the conveyor but also pointing into the racking aisles (a system of people cooling Prihoda has successfully undertaken for several Amazon Warehouses).  This was a system designed for people comfort rather than product conditioning and it was important to understand how what we saw on paper (and believed to be conventional wisdom) actually worked live on site.

The customer ordered a test system consisting of several ducts for a single conveyor and once installed tested the system and air patterns predicted and also collected opinions from the people working in the area.  The system worked as designed and no adjustments were considered necessary; an order was placed for another 18 ducts over two floors to cover the remaining areas.

The system was supplied using Prihoda Classic material (Flame Retardant and non shedding cleanroom standard) available in 9 different colours and for air diffusion we used 20mm diameter premium Fabric Nozzles – made from the same fabric as the duct itself and therefore the same exact colour and Flame Retardant properties.


Blue fabric duct in a Clarks warehouse


Inlet of blue Prihoda fabric duct with nozzles

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