Extract Ducting

Fabric Diffuser Negative Pressure ventilation

Extract Ducting

That’s right – you can have a fabric duct system for extract.  We make a square or rectangular duct which is held in place by a four sided rigid frame.  You can use this system as traditionally rectangular shaped supply air system or as an extract duct. The duct slides into the four sided frame and is tensioned at either end to create a smooth wrinkle free surface on all four sides (although please note that with 4 suspension rails for rigidity this system uses more material and will take longer to install than a more standard shape Prihoda Fabric ducting system).

The diffusers are laser cut in any position to suit the application, on the top, bottom or sides (or all of them) as each system is bespoke for the application. The material is available in a range of 9 colours which are available at no additional cost. Ideal for theatres with low noise requirements (we can provide noise data with each selection) or large areas with long duct runs.  The rectangular supply/extract system only needs supporting every 2000mm and can zip together to form corners.

Continuing innovation from Prihoda.

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