Fabric Ducting at Xercise4Less Gyms

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The Company

Xercise4Less is an award-winning national gym chain. Boasting over 400 pieces of equipment at every site, and over 300 classes a month, it is no wonder it has taken the country by storm. With its well equipped 50 sites spread nationwide, the company has positioned itself as an exciting, affordable alternative to other major gym chains.

To support its rapid growth, Xercise4Less has been converting former retail and warehousing locations into fully equipped gym spaces. To keep up with the pace of its expansion, they needed a ventilation solution that could be installed quickly. The new gyms were expected to be reasonably high occupancy, going by the incredible popularity of their previous gyms. Care would be needed to avoid the typical pitfalls of gym ventilation, such as low quality stale air and offensive odours – especially given that none of the sites were purpose-built for fitness activities.

Prihoda fabric ducting in a gym


Our Approach

We were asked to design fabric duct systems for several Xercise4Less locations. The goal: to provide comfortable, consistent gym ventilation that would keep circulating air fresh and clean. We designed and supplied custom round fabric ducts, all made to measure for each site. To ensure sufficient airflow all round the gyms, we used a combination of diffusers: laser cut perforations to direct air around the equipment and throughout the occupied zones, and microperforations to enhance air entrainment and achieve lower velocities with better mixing. Result: fresh air without the draughts.

A Modern Look With Built-In Convenience

Xercise4Less opted for a yellow duct colour to match their company branding. The outcome is a modern, energising look for the new sites. Exactly what gym-goers need to stay motivated. The material selected was also fire retardant and, because it is fabric, Xercise4Less will be able to wash the ducts it in a washing machine, keeping them as good as new for their entire service life. The cost was less than a quarter the estimated costs for equivalent traditional ducting, and the installation at each site – only a couple of days.

Prihoda yellow air socks in Xercise4Less gym



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