What is fabric ducting made of?

What is fabric ducting made of?

Fabric Ducting or Air Socks is a ventilation ducting solution that is made from a flame retardant Polyester material.  It delivers air into a room via a variety of methods, such as micro-perforations diffusers, laser cut perforations or fabric nozzles.

The supply air and the external static pressure created by the fan inflate the duct to its sewn shape – Round, Half Round, Quarter round, Rectangle and Ellipse shapes are all available through Prihoda UK Ltd.  We can also supply ducting which holds its shape, when there is no airflow.

There are different types of fabric ducting materials available and these are selected based upon the requirements of the application.

  • Our most popular Prihoda materials are Flame Retardant to the highest European and US standards and they are also Cleanroom compatible with certification to ISO4.
  • We also have non combustible materials, PVC coated materials, light weight materials, materials with a high luminosity index, anti bacterial materials and a fantastic recycled material made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles.
  • Each material has been developed by Prihoda specifically for Fabric Ducting applications and is the optimum weight, strength and quality for its purpose. Our most popular choices are available in 9 standard colours, and come with a 10 year warranty. To see the different types of materials available, click here.

Our materials haven’t evolved or adapted for use as fabric ducts, they have been specially developed to suit precisely this application with the correct weight and strength required for us to offer a 10 year warranty with confidence.

For more detailed information on why our fabric ducting material is the most suitable for air diffusion applications please download a small brochure here.





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