Fabric ducting maintenance and washing services

Fabric ducting maintenance
Fabric Duct Maintenance Technical

Fabric ducting maintenance and washing services

Prihoda UK Ltd. is responsible for the design and supply of fabric ducting systems throughout the UK and Ireland.  We have over 1,000 systems installed and fully operational and have been designing and installing systems for over 20 years.

Designing and installing a system that meets the needs of the customer is only one part of our service. Maintaining the fabric elements of systems efficiently through our laundry wash facility ensures that systems will continue to perform to the required level.

Why did we develop a washing service?

As with many business development ideas, our washing service was created as a response to customer demand. Food manufacturers use fabric ducts (referred to as Air Socks) in their production areas. With continued use in a busy environment, and with hygiene requirements the air socks soon need cleaning.

Food factories send their air socks to be laundered along with their overalls and production coats. Whilst this might seem a sensible idea, it does not work in practice.

Overalls and coats worn in food factories must be washed and dried at a very high temperature in order to sterilise them. Unfortunately for the air socks the fabric is unable to tolerate this robust method of cleaning.

Air socks were being returned to the factory damaged. When the air socks are being refitted to the rails it’s generally the case that the fabric has shrunk and no longer fits as well as it once did. The whole system does not work as efficiently as it should and the damaged air socks needed to be replaced.

Fabric ducting maintenance

The Solution

At Prihoda, we developed an in-house washing service that cleans the polyester fabric of the air socks at the correct temperature. Coupled with a slow spin and cool dry at less than 40°C the air socks do not shrink or suffer other damage.

Not only does this allow us to remain connected to our customers by way of maintenance of the fabric air socks but our customers are able to save the expense of replacing their air socks on a regular basis.

To speak to our team about the range of fabric ducting materials we offer together with our additional services for end users and for specifiers, please call us on 0121 320 2496 or email info@prihoda.co.uk if you’re in the UK. Our ROI customers should call 01 961 0031 or email info@prihoda.ie.

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