HELIX fabric ducting

internal view of helix fabric ducting showing metal spiral in duct

Helix Fabric Ducting

Spiral Reinforcement

Helix fabric ducting is when a metal spiral covered in fabric is inserted inside of the diffuser. It maintains a permanently cylindrical shape with a stretched fabric duct. The spacing of the internal spiral is managed by longitudinal textile straps.
Helix  fabric ducts can be any length, but are made up of 5m long sections zipped together. The spiral can be easily disassembled for maintenance purposes and it’s designed to suit most of our available suspension styles. The fabric duct is tensioned by a hook and pocket arrangement either end of the duct to remove wrinkles and maintain an aesthetic finish.


Best used in situations where you have a variable air volumes, to ensure that the fabric duct remains inflated and keeps its shape.

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