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Jersey Nightingale Hospital ward with Prihoda fabric ducts
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Prihoda pulls off bespoke design in shortest of time frames

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, an additional fast-build hospital was specified for Jersey.

With an eye-watering timeline, from the decision to have a field hospital made on 2 April, the construction of an aluminium framed semi-rigid panelled building, (erected by a team from the Netherlands in 9 days before being cheered off the site), fit-out and through to the anticipated opening day on 4 May,  this temporary hospital will provide 180 beds, based on the Nightingale layout of two rows of 15 beds in each ward.  Once it is no longer needed, the site will be dismantled and the Millfield playing fields will be returned back to its normal state.

Clearly, speed is of the essence in a project like this, and brings out the best in collaborative solutions.  With a ventilation system which is suited so well to an aluminium framed building, being lightweight, very fast and easy to install, and with our ability to deliver a bespoke system quickly, Prihoda is very proud to be part of this effort for the people of Jersey.

So, what has enabled us to be able to supply to the bespoke design in the shortest of timeframes? Once the electronic design reached the team at the factory at Prihoda HQ in Hlinsko in Czechia, on Friday 17th April, they were briefed on the urgency of the job.  Michal, Head of Production, sourced the fabric from existing factory supplies and the perforation of the fabric was done by the laser machines over the weekend, so that the fabric ducts could be sewn together on the Monday.  The ducts were checked by the output inspection department and packed into boxes ready for transportation to the UK, by special delivery.  As explained by Zdenek Prihoda, CEO: ‘It is a chain of simple steps but not one element needs to go wrong’.  

Once on site, the air socks are installed with a simple rail system and connected to the ventilation equipment by our customer, the Jersey based M&E contractors Brady and Gallagher (thanks guys).

Zdenek added ‘It is our duty and I feel happy we had a great opportunity to help!’.  Indeed, this collaboration shows how good communication in all elements of the supply chain have bought about a solution to just one small element of the fast-paced and huge effort needed to construct a Nightingale Hospital ready for those hard-working and dedicated NHS workers and the patients that the wards will contain.  

Prihoda’s unique materials are available in any colour at no additional cost and they benefit from 10 years inclusive warranty for both Classic and Premium varieties. They’re non-shrink, non-hygroscopic, flame retardant, and manufactured to ISO4 (cleanroom non-fibre shedding) standards.

To speak to our team about the range of fabric ducting materials we offer together with our additional services for end users, contractors and for specifiers. Please call us on 0121 320 2496 or email if you’re in the UK. Our ROI customers should call 01 961 0031 or email

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