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Fabric air socks for fitness and leisure applications

Jump In is a leading indoor trampoline and adventure park operator with many sites in England and Scotland. Vernon and Lindsey West started the company on their return from a family holiday in the US. After experiencing the fun and excitement of visiting a trampoline park, they decided to follow their passion and bring that experience to the UK. Over the years, the business has undergone incredible growth. It now boasts locations all over the country, thanks to careful planning by its founders and their team. As well as jump sessions for all ages, Jump In also offers fitness classes and even rock climbing. It is also a popular destination for children’s birthday parties, where parents can socialise in the cafeteria while their children enjoy the play areas.

An indoor trampoline park with Prihoda fabric ducts.


The Challenge

In such an active environment, ventilation plays a big part in ensuring customers are comfortable throughout their visit. Working with Aura Air Conditioning, Prihoda has designed and supplied fabric ducting for a number of Jump In sites. Each trampoline park consists of a large open space encompassing several different play areas. Most park users are very active and likely to be tired and sweaty from physical exertion. On top of this, many of them are children, who are less able than adults to regulate their body temperature. The ventilation systems had to provide a large enough supply air volume to suit the high ceilings and ample spaces while also creating pleasant airflow conditions for all park users.

Commercial textile ducts for trampoline park


Our Approach

Prihoda designed several fabric diffuser systems for Jump In trampoline parks. In these systems, the ductwork connects to fan units selected and supplied by Aura AC. These were extensive designs using very long ducts. To maintain the correct air pressure within each duct, the diameter of the longest units was wider at the inlet and became gradually narrower towards the end. This way, there is enough pressure to distribute the air into the room and also keep the ducting inflated. We also installed internal reinforcing rings to create a neater, smoother look even in variable flow conditions.

At this level of airflow, duct movement can be a concern. To avoid unwanted movement, the ducts were suspended from the ceiling using threaded bars instead of wires. They were also fitted with fabric cone equalisers designed to prevent turbulent flow and minimise vibration.

All ducting was made in a bright yellow material to match the fun, colourful look of the trampoline parks.

Fabric ducting in a trampoline park


The Outcome

In all, hundreds of metres of fabric ducting were installed at Jump In parks, delivering conditioned air at the right velocity to the areas where it is needed. During high occupancy peak times, cool air keeps the most active visitors comfortable without causing excessively cold spots. And on chilly winter mornings, the fabric diffusers provide gentle heating, keeping staff and park users comfortable throughout their activities.

With bright colours and internal rings, the fabric duct systems always look good. And the equalisers and aluminium rails ensure that the ducts won’t move about, even with the high air volumes passing through them.

Fabric air socks for fitness and leisure applications


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