Laboratory make up air ventilation design

laboratory benches with air diffusers overhead

Laboratory make up air ventilation design

Laboratories typically require quite large volumes of make-up air to replace the air extracted through fume cupboards and other equipment. 

Using a traditional ventilation system with rigid ducting and grilles could create issues with draughts affecting staff and fume cupboard sensors (which trip the fume cupboard extract when sensing a slight draught). Prihoda fabric ducts are perfect for laboratories because they act as ducts and diffusers in one – delivering very high volumes of air at very low velocity whilst being self balancing and offering low noise characteristics. 

Prihoda fabric ducts are also the only textile based ventilation system to use a Cleanroom certified material (ISO4 or Class 10) as a standard with our everyday ‘Classic’ material guaranteeing no shedding of fibres into the work environment.

They are also much easier to clean, repair and replace if necessary and Prihoda UK offer a comprehensive maintenance service with our own in house laundry service.

Fabric ducting systems will be a lower capital cost than the equivalent traditional rigid system. It will be faster and easier to install and also be much easier and cheaper to clean. Why not join hundreds of other laboratory users already benefitting from Prihoda fabric ducting.

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