Large Spaces: Warehouse/Long throw/High bay design

large spaces fabric ducting

Designing for large spaces

In a warehouse with high ceilings and large volumes, it is important to get the correct mix of throw and distribution to meet the needs of the  space or product being stored/distributed. It’s all about distributing and targeting the air where it needs to be. Traditionally steel ducting with large nozzle diffusers are used in these spaces, which jet air at high velocity.

Prihoda fabric ducting can offer the same design principles.   However, our lighter weight materials cost less to buy and install and use less secondary steelwork for support.  Best of all, installation is straightforward, so in the cases of re-fit disruption is kept to a minimum.

Prihoda’s large diameter fabric nozzles are directional, come complete with a damper for volume adjustment, and can throw air as far as 20m depending upon the system pressure and air density.

With Prihoda fabric nozzle systems all being made to order, there is no standard size for one of our fabric nozzles, so we are able to design and supply systems that are uniquely matched to the needs of the space. It’s easy to provide more nozzles and air into one space and less into another, and with internal dampers this can be adjusted or altered later.

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