Macmillan Publishing

Macmillan Publishing

Recently, Prihoda was approached to design a fabric ducting scheme for Macmillan Publishing. In one particular area of the building, the three Fan Coil Units (FCU) and the original arrangement meant the air distribution was inadequate, creating draughts in some spaces and hot spots in others.

Relocating the FCUs would have been a huge job and altering the original ductwork would still cause draught pockets as well as looking unattractive. Prihoda Fabric Ducting was the best solution for these problems as it achieved an aesthetically pleasing ventilation system that gave a consistent delivery of air velocity and an even temperature gradient.

On installation only a couple of complications occurred. The first problem encountered was during the survey stage. Each fabric duct needed to avoid existing services and was constrained by a maximum size between a steel and cable tray. Being meticulous with installing the first meant the other ducts went up easily, and once the system inflated, the air in the room became evenly cooled.

Overall Prihoda achieved the results Macmillan Publishing were looking for in an efficient and relatively easy way.

Prihoda’s fabric ducting: once again using our innovation to achieve optimum conclusions.

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