Making Waves

fabric diffuser system above swimming pool

Making Waves

Making Waves is a company providing swimming lessons to over 1600 children a week in several locations across central Scotland. This family run business started in 2003 focuses on fun and enjoyment with structured training and is successfully expanding across the country.

The latest Making Waves training pool is located at ‘Play Sport’ in East Kilbride near Glasgow. This is a site that presented several challenges for the design and fit out. The swimming pool is landlocked inside of a large building, it has a very low ceiling height and there are commercial units and a restaurant located above. The lack of height was further affected by the need for a vapour barrier ceiling to be installed beneath the structural beams and slab of the ceiling – limiting the space for fit out yet further and more significantly reducing the number and position of fixings available through the vapour barrier for installing the fabric ducting system.

The ventilation system needed to be low profile and light weight and designed to heat the space and certain parts of the structure to avoid condensation in areas around and outside of the pool.

From an initial brief Prihoda UK was chosen ahead of our competitor to assist and develop the design to create a bespoke system designed to fit the space and deliver air in a controlled and draught free environment, with an aesthetic finish.

The system starts with a plenum 2000mm wide and only 315mm deep in a half round ellipse shape as a central duct feeding branches both sides which create a ring around the perimeter of the pool. Other branches feed the two changing areas which are designed to be at a warmer than normal temperature for the comfort of the children.

Using a non-permeable naturally flame retardant polyester material, Prihoda UK used rows of laser cut perforations to deliver the air in specific patterns around the pool building. The air diffusion design was tailored to avoid draughts on children and teachers whilst warming the space and providing an even temperature gradient throughout (whilst avoiding unnecessary pool water evaporation).

Making waves chose the Prihoda Dark Blue RAL5005 stock colour and Prihoda UK provided a little ‘Making Waves’ branding free of charge as a small way of saying thanks for trusting us with this challenging but rewarding project.


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