Prihoda News – July


Mulberry upgrades on site ventilation

Prihoda UK designed and supplied fabric ducting for Mulberry’s new, efficient heat pumps. The new ducts look great with custom Prihoda Art printing of the iconic Mulberry logo and wordmark.

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Company News

We bought a new van!
As we count more than one van as a fleet, the company news is ‘We have a fleet of vans!’
All ready for site visits, surveys or dropping off special projects.

Recent projects

Some places enjoying the benefits of Prihoda fabric ducts…

  • Sound Stage – London Film Studio
  • Conditioning three mezz floors (large half round ducts) for a leading fitness clothing brand
  • New swimming pool duct for school in NW London
  • Large bakery for leading fast food brand


Prihoda fabric duct track in stock in the warehouse ready to go.

Did you know?

We keep a stock of track at our warehouse. For time-sensitive projects and quick deadlines, we can send the track out before the fabric diffusers, allowing you to install the mounts first before the ducts arrive on site. You can then simply slide the ducts into place when you’re ready.

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