Prihoda News – September


Gym Ventilation at Unique Fitness

New fabric ducting for Bradford University’s student gym

We recently designed new fabric ducting for Unique Fitness, part of the fitness facilities at the University of Bradford. Slim half-round ducts with laser-cut perforations refresh the gym areas and promote a healthier and more pleasant environment for all gym users.

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Company news

This month we celebrated our Operations Director’s birthday, and it was a big one! Mark turned 60 and we can’t wait to see what new wisdom he brings to Prihoda!


Recent projects

  • Conditioning the graduation hall at Loughborough University
  • Warehouse cooling large storage space
  • Grille covers to reduce velocity in a food manufacturing area
  • 1,050 metres of fabric ducting for Rolls Royce manufacturing area


Did you know…

We provide noise data and airflow graphics with every quotation. We can also offer full CFD studies for more challenging or unusual applications. Contact us for information on pricing.

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