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Prihoda Washing and Maintenance Services: The Problem

Our washing services have been available for many years now. Based upon the high hygiene standards in the UK food industry food manufacturers ask us to schedule their Air Sock cleaning either once or twice a year, depending upon the type of area the fabric duct is installed in or the type of air supply to the ducting and the level of filtration.

Previously to our maintenance services air socks were being washed and dried by commercial laundries at higher temperatures than recommended resulting in them being returned to the food manufacturer in a damaged condition. When the fabric ducts are being refitted to the rails it’s generally the case that the fabric has shrunk and no longer fits as well as it once did. The whole system does not work as efficiently as it should and the damaged air socks needed to be replaced.

The Solution

At Prihoda, we have developed an in-house washing service that cleans the air socks at the correct temperature. Coupled with a slow spin and cool dry at less than 40° the air socks do not shrink or suffer other damage. We check the ducts for damage or mould prior to washing and advise our customers of any issues we come across with recommendations for action. Our washing process uses a chemical detergent developed especially for Prihoda which has anti-bacterial and anti-mould treatments, guaranteeing that the fabric ducting systems we return back to our customers are totally hygienically clean and mould spore free prior to installation. Prihoda UK offer an installation and storage service as part of an overall maintenance plan.

Not only does this allow us to remain connected to our customers by way of maintenance of the fabric air socks but our customers are able to save the expense of replacing their air socks on a regular basis.

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