Product review: Decathlon, Glasgow

industrial ceiling ventilation


Completed earlier this year, Decathlon Glasgow uses flame retardant – NON PERMEABLE – Polyester material for warm air heating and Isothermal make up air supply, with some above dew point cooling.

Using flame retardant light-grey polyester, we were able to throw the supply air into the occupied zone at just the right velocity using our unique FABRIC NOZZLE system. This uses the exact same fabric as the duct to make the premium nozzle systems. This guarantees that the nozzles are the same colour and crucially the same fire performance. Additionally, as the nozzles are not plastic they won’t fall out or friction damage the duct during washing. Clever huh?

The following photos show the main distribution duct and the branch ducts.
We have also included a graphic showing the velocity profiles out of the nozzles, designed and calculated at the time of order.

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