Product Review: Xercise4less, Gym

gym ventilation ducts

Xercise4less – Gym

Xercise4less is a rapidly expanding gym chain offering large open plan, well equipped gym facilities all over the country. The open plan nature of the design allows us to deliver air evenly across the entire large open area.

We provided 4 x 710mm diameter round-shaped fabric ducts, which were ordered as flame retardant material with a mixture of laser cut perforations and micro-perforations. These will deliver all the air – with the micro-perforations encouraging more induction and mixing so slowing the air from the laser cut perforations – to the perfect velocity as it mixes and travels into the occupied zone.

Cost to the contractor was less than a quarter then the equivalent rigid duct alternative and the installation time was just a few days, also saving a large amount on installation costs.

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