School / Academy Ventilation

Benefit from fresh air and air movement

Schools and academies are amongst those who are increasingly turning to Prihoda fabric ducting systems.

Classrooms now benefit from both fresh air and air movement during the day (not like in my time when you were lucky if you were allowed to open the window!).

School air ventilation systems

We’ve provided systems at Eastwood School in Glasgow, Whitefriars Community School, Whitmore School in London and a host of other projects across the country.


Extremely low noise and velocity levels

Our textile based ventilation systems allow supply air to be delivered evenly around the room due to the large amount of duct and diffusion area in the space; we are also able to do this at extremely low velocities and noise levels so as to be sure not to interrupt concentration levels, whilst ensuring high indoor air quality.

Designed for you with Prihoda Art

Our ducts are actually cleanroom non-fibre shedding as standard and are completely flame retardant, tested to European and US regulatory standards.

Lower capital cost than a traditional rigid system and easier to install and clean our fabric ducts offer a variety of practical benefits beyond great air distribution.

It’s also possible to choose from a range of stock colours or to have any colour, graphic or message printed on the ducts with our Prihoda Art system, allowing you to really make the ducts a feature or to brighten up the room or deliver relevant messages in relevant teaching spaces. The sky’s the limit with Prihoda Art.

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