Air Socks

What are the benefits of using air socks for ventilation?

Air socks from Prihoda are one of the most innovative air diffusion products on the market. They offer a cost-effective purchase price and a fast installation time. Alongside this, a superb performance in air delivery is achieved, as the air socks have a large amount of surface area in the room allowing delivery of air equally and efficiently all over the space. The air sock material is rugged and long-lasting and comes with a 10-year warranty.

What features are available with a Prihoda air sock ventilation system?

  • a range of diffusers chosen to suit your application
  • excellent product quality
  • a 10 year warranty
  • air flow graphics which have been tailored for each application
  • 9 stock colours from which to choose (at no additional cost)


  • our Prihoda Art service – choose any colour, graphic, pattern or logo to be printed on to the duct surface –  to create any look or feel within the installation space.
  • materials are available for a range of applications and specifications including our 100% recycled material made exclusively from post consumer recycled plastic water bottles.

Which applications are best suited to an air sock system?

Because air duct socks are all designed and manufactured on a custom basis, it is fair to say that almost any application is suitable for an air sock system. Ventilation systems particularly suited would include:

  • Food manufacturing facilities (low air velocity for chilled air and easy maintenance)
  • Laboratories (make up air at low velocity for fume cupboards and easily cleanable)
  • Large open architecture spaces (more cost effective than traditional ducting and better air distribution)
  • Retail premises (accurate air patterns, cost effective and great branding/promotional opportunities with Prihoda Art
  • Sports halls (large flexible ducts good at distributing air evenly – even in badminton courts)
  • Swimming pools (material unaffected by chlorinated environment – no need to protect) – more cost effective and opportunity to use Prihoda Art for branding /aesthetics
  • Any one off bespoke architectural space (All custom designed with a range of shapes, colours, printing options, suspension solutions etc)

What are air socks?

Air socks is an alternative name for fabric socks, ducting or textile diffusers.  They are a form of diffuser that uses a duct made out of fabric material to deliver air into a space.

A Prihoda sock diffuser is made from flame retardant polyester material and delivers the air into the room via a variety of methods (micro-perforation diffusers, laser cut perforations or fabric nozzles) depending upon the application.  The choice is influenced by how far we want the air to travel and the velocity needed in the occupied zone.


How do Fabric air socks work?

An air sock air ventilation system inflates using the external static pressure created by the fan from the air handling unit, fan coil unit or evaporator fans, using this energy to maintain a shape and deliver the air through the fabric duct and into the occupied zone (or process).

In order to ensure that the textile ducting delivers the correct velocity, we have software that creates air flow graphics for each unique fabric air sock system showing how far the air travels and its velocity as an air pattern.

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