Prihoda SquAireTex

Prihoda SquAireTex principles

Prihoda SquAireTex ceiling tile air diffusers are intended for installation in a lay in grid ceiling. Depending upon the design, they distribute air along the ceiling structure in a swirling manner or in one or more specific directions.

Made from an aluminium frame and lightweight flame retardant polyester fabric, they are designed to weigh no more than the tile they replace.  This means no additional suspension support should be required.


Prihoda SquAireTex air flow and colour options

The supply air passes through openings in the fabric. These are either laser cut perforations or pockets that are sonic welded to the fabric.

There are 9 stock colours available. We don’t charge extra for stock colours, so you can mix and match material and pocket colours to create dozens of different colour combinations.


Prihoda SquAireTex construction

The Prihoda SquAireTex diffusers are built around an aluminium frame using our classic flame retardant material.

The diffuser section zips to a plenum box hood with a round inlet spigot complete with clamp.  Mounted internally is an equalisation plate.  This ensures that the air is distributed evenly across the diffuser as it exits into the occupied space. All designed to offer optimum flow with minimum pressure loss.

The plenum box comes as standard in classic material or can be ordered as an insulated option if you’re planning on cooling below dew point to avoid condensation.

Prihoda SquAireTex models / types

There are several textile ceiling air diffuser designs available from the most popular swirl, through to one and two direction and corner flow options.

We also offer a diffuse low velocity grille and a return air grille – this incorporates an additional above ceiling aluminium frame to keep the plenum box open under negative pressure.

Prihoda SquAireTex design information

We have full design software for this range of ceiling tile diffusers, with recommendations for installation distances between diffusers, based upon volume and mounting height.

Materials are guaranteed for two years.  It is also available as 100% post consumer recycled material if required, adding sustainability credentials to a project.

Prihoda SquAireTex benefits

Why should you consider using Prihoda SquAireTex?

  • Light weight – no additional ceiling support required
  • Fast Installation
  • Insulated options avoid condensation
  • Overall cost savings against traditional diffuser, plenum box and equaliser
  • Multiple colour options creating diffusers that blend or stand out
  • Easily cleaned
  • Interesting bespoke appearance

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