Recycled Material – 100% Post Consumer

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Recycled Material – 100% Post Consumer

In these days of focus on sustainability, Prihoda offers a recycled fabric ducting that is made from used plastic water bottles. We use 13 recycled plastic water bottles per metre squared of material.  This means we can tell you exactly how many bottles your project has saved from landfill or the oceans.  Using redundant water bottles makes the material in our recycled fabric ducting 100% post-consumer.

Using the Repreve recycled yarn (, we have a product certified recycled by SCS Global a third party inspectorate whilst also containing a unique Repreve chemical fingerprint. This means that any Repreve product can be tested as genuine through simple laboratory testing.

We have also undertaken a comprehensive Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) again based on 3rd Party Life Cycle Analysis for an objective result.  This is available upon request.

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