Sports hall ventilation design

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How to ventilate a sport hall effectively

Sports hall ventilation can be quite a challenge.  There could be a range of issues to overcome with the design.

  1.  Due to the nature of a sports hall, ducts are usually required to be mounted at a high level (often over 10m).
  2.  The supplied air temperature needs to be quite a bit warmer than the room ambient, leading to quite buoyant air, which will have to travel long distances due to the mounting height.
  3.  Added to these issues, there are often velocity control requirements – especially if badminton is played in the courts area.
  4. The vulnerability of the ventilation system to footballs etc that can dent or lodge themselves in the ducting.

Fortunately, at Prihoda, we’ve worked through quite a lot of sports hall applications so we know how to solve these issues. With a large range of diffuser options, and judicious positioning of  fabric ducting in the sports hall, Prihoda can custom design a solution to overcome these challenges.

  • Our fabric ducts are a lot lighter than traditional rigid steel ducts and much easier to install at high level. They are also much safer for the installation team too, with it being lighter and requiring less secondary steelwork.
  • Wide nozzles are used to project the airflow over long distances.  This could even be as far at 20m if needed.
  • Our air socks, which can be branded, which are generally fitted flush with the sports hall ceiling, bounce back from any knocks and bumps, and are obviously undentable!

See here for an example of a completed project at Bryanston School.

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