Swimming pool ventilation design

swimming pool ventilation over pool

Swimming Pool Ventilation Design

When thinking about a ventilation system for a swimming pool, it is very important to remember that wet bodies are much more sensitive to air movement. Therefore the ventilation system must be designed to provide gentle air movement. Swimming pools are harsh environments, so they require a system that will last but also be easy to maintain. If a traditional rigid system was used for swimming pool ventilation, it would be quite large given the air volumes needed to heat swimming pools, and would need to be protected and painted in order to avoid corrosion. This is a job that may need doing more than once over the life of the ducting.

Prihoda fabric is made from 100% polyester, which is completely corrosion resistant within a chlorine atmosphere.  This means no additional coating or colouring is needed, which makes it the perfect material for swimming pool ventilation. The material is non permeable and will not block, so the ducts don’t need to be removed for cleaning in terms of performance, but may need washing or brushing down to remove entrained dust on the surface of the duct.

For optimum swimming pool ventilation, we place air outlet diffusers at different points to wash glazing with air and remove condensation, and to ensure that the air we supply to the occupied zone has minimal velocity in populated areas.  We also try to ensure that a minimal amount of air finds its way across the pool surface to disturb non-condensables that can build up just above the water surface, without creating evaporation.

Our swimming pool ventilation systems come with a 10 year warranty on the material and sewn joints, will suffer no corrosion problems and the system is designed specifically to match the project requirements, including the option of nine standard colour choices or printing of specific colours, messages or logos to suit the design.


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