Trampoline Park

ducting in play area

Trampoline Park

One of several trampoline park projects we’ve completed recently. This trampoline park is a large open space with reception, cafeteria and play areas. Designed to provide a base heating load for cold mornings and significant cooling capacity for times of high occupancy, the system uses two Daikin roof top air conditioning units connected to over 370m of Prihoda fabric ducting.

The Daikin units recirculate majority of the room air whilst providing a portion of fresh (tempered) make up air to comply with Building Regulations. The Prihoda fabric ducting is a flame retardant medium weight polyester.  It starts at 800mm diameter and reduces along the length as the volume reduces within the duct. The system is designed to deliver air without significant occupied zone velocity.  An aesthetic and cost effective way for the client to achieve their desired air pattern using a bespoke design tailored to the air handling equipment chosen and the space to be served. 

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