When To Use Fabric Diffusers Instead Of Stock Diffusers?


Fabric diffusers are a bespoke alternative to traditional stock diffusers – but why should you choose them over stock diffusers? Stock diffusers by their nature offer standard air diffusion patterns, these are influenced by air temperature and system pressure and serve the large majority of applications well. However, it can be difficult to find a diffuser that exactly suits the purpose it is needed to do for certain situations or applications.

Consider the following examples:

  • Swimming pools require different air patterns and velocities – critical for comfort levels or removing condensation from glazing.
  • Offices require low velocity cooling and good mixing, but this can be very difficult to achieve with low ceiling heights.
  • Sports Halls require long air throws and high entrainment if possible, but certainly not over badminton courts.
  • Laboratories with fume cupboards require high volumes of make-up air, but low velocity in and around the fume cupboards themselves.

Adding stock diffusers to these situations doesn’t always produce the perfect solution or air pattern.

Bespoke fabric diffusers for any application

At Prihoda, we have a range of diffuser options designed to cover the requirements of almost any application. Starting with tiny 0.2 – 0.4mm laser cut micro-perforations for low velocity and/or high air volume applications, through to large perforations, starting at 3.0mm for medium throw distance and high induction/mixing applications, to fabric nozzles for a long throw precise air pattern. We can mix and match these diffuser types to create an almost infinite range of air diffusion patterns and effect (thermodynamics allowing!). With a custom-made air distribution system, you can be sure that the space is conditioned correctly and the air is delivered at the perfect temperature. Rooms will equalise quicker, thus improving efficiency and plant running costs, whilst better distribution of air will improve indoor air quality. Prihoda fabric ducts are also much easier to keep clean – just slide off the mounts and wash them in an industrial washing machine.

Specialist design of fabric ducts and diffusers

Contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to advise and design bespoke fabric diffusers for your application. The software graphics that enable us to design the optimum solution are included in the technical part of our quotations, allowing our customers and end users to visualise the air patterns and have an input in the process. This provides an improved level of comfort and confidence that the correct air distribution solution has been identified and applied to the design.

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