Advantages of fabric ducting

food factory installation showing advantages of fabric ventilation

Advantage of fabric ducting

There are many advantages of choosing fabric ducting over a more traditional rigid system, but the main point to take away from this post is that every fabric ducting system is designed and manufactured from scratch, so there is no stock.  This means that the duct has been optimally designed for the space it serves.  The size, the material, the type of diffuser and the angle of the diffusers on the duct have all taken in to account air volume, temperature difference, air deflection, mounting height and the aesthetics required by the project. Every Fabric Ducting system is designed to be perfect for that individual project.

Below are some of the other main points to consider:


Fabric ducting costs less than a rigid system, especially if the system has to be insulated. Textile Ducting systems also take less time to install, creating savings on installation time and access costs.


Fabric ducting is much easier to maintain. Fabric is typically removed, unzipped into sections and cleaned in a washing machine and re-installed. In reality rigid ducting is often never cleaned due to cost and accessibility issues. We have our own in-house laundry making sure we offer the best service available, specifically tailored to the special requirements of washing and drying fabric ducting systems.

Air Distribution

This is much improved with a fabric ventilation system. The bespoke nature of the design and the large surface area diffusing air into the room allows for much better air distribution. This also helps to provide a much more controlled velocity and a more comfortable environment.


Our fabric ducting can be designed to match its surroundings. You can choose from one of the 9 standard colours to match the environment.  Alternatively, with the option of Prihoda Art, you can create a completely bespoke design.  You can add any colour, image or logo to the fabric ducting, giving the added benefit of using the system for advertising and marketing messages. There is also the option of using recycled material. We save 13 x 500ml plastic bottles for every m2 of material we use.  When we send you your quotation,  we tell you exactly how many bottles you could save. Yet another of the advantages of fabric ducting.

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