Bespak Clean Room Case Study

Bespak cleanroom with Prihoda fabric ducts

Bespak is a leading manufacturer of medical drug delivery devices, including inhalation devices, injectable devices, valves, actuators, and many other medical components. Some of the most widely used medical devices are designed and manufactured at their facilities in King’s Lynn, Norfolk. Having expanded their premises, Bespak needed a ventilation solution suitable for the stringent requirements of their cleanrooms. These requirements made Prihoda’s fabric ducts the obvious choice, as we have decades of experience designing fabric diffusers for cleanrooms and medical and pharmaceutical applications.

Bespak cleanroom with Prihoda fabric ducts


The Challenge

The new facility needed to meet ISO class 7 requirements for 50 weeks of the year, whilst keeping tight temperature controls to support manufacturing operations. Working with JD Cooling, we set out to create a fabric diffuser system for Bespak’s premises. As the largest cleanroom location in Europe, the facility presented a substantial area to cover with the fabric diffusers. A total of 18,000 m³ of air were contained by the space, which needed a minimum of 60 m³/s, to be supplied by JD Cooling’s bespoke air handling units.

White fabric diffusers in a cleanroom facility

Our Approach

Because of the low ceilings and the sensitive equipment the facility would contain, Prihoda designed the ducts to diffuse the air through microperforations. These provide extremely gentle airflow and are very suited to makeup air applications, or any application where the air is filtered and must be supplied in the gentlest possible way. The diffusers were also made in a segment shape, that is, a wider but shorter D-shape, and were attached directly to the ceiling, creating a slimmer profile in keeping with the dimensions of the room. The ducts were made in premium antibacterial material. Like all Prihoda fabric ducts, and especially important in this project, the fabric diffusers were cleanroom compatible and certified to comply to ISO 14644-1 to class ISO 4.

Fabric ducts with microperforations in a clean room

The Outcome

With Prihoda’s bespoke fabric diffusers, the Bespak facility will experience virtually no particle shedding from the ducting material, and any microorganisms will be killed on contact. Additionally, by attaching it flush to the ceiling using aluminium profiles, the are no horizontal surfaces or overhangs that could collect dirt and debris, meeting the hygiene requirements of cGMP for this facility. The use of microperforations ensures that there are no drafts that can trip up any sensitive equipment, whilst delivering the required air changes for their operations. All with a 10-year warranty on the duct material.

Cleanroom fabric ducting by Prihoda

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