Cleanroom air ventilation

Non-fibre shedding ISO4

Cleanrooms require careful design. The systems installed as to ensure the air is particle free to an agreed level or class. It also needs to be washable to maintain cleanliness at all times.

Prihoda are the only fabric ducting company that make their standard products cleanroom quality.  Our standard ‘Classic’ polyester material is non-fibre shedding ISO4 (Class 10) as standard and is available in multiple colours as standard.  We also offer a laundry service to enable standards to be maintained.

Easy to clean, remove and install

Prihoda fabric ducting is regularly used in cleanroom projects and we’ve supplied systems for GSK, Eli Lilly, Boots and numerous other UK or Irish based manufacturers.

Our materials are easily cleaned in standard commercial washing machines and quick to remove and reinstall.  Our washing service uses anti-bacterial and anti-fungal cleaning solutions.

Even distribution for smoother coverage

Because each system is designed uniquely for each individual project, we can ensure that we deliver the supply air into the cleanroom at the correct velocity and with the correct spread of air.

The large area of diffusion provided by a Prihoda textile duct allows very even air distribution.  The means a much smoother coverage of the entire room at a lower velocity than can usually be achieved from a traditional grill based system.

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