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The Company

Clarity Pharma is an award-winning distributor of medical and pharmaceutical devices in the UK and Europe. They provide warehousing and logistic services to many healthcare facilities, including pharmacies, clinics and NHS hospitals. With over two decades of experience, they are trusted by numerous pharmaceutical manufacturers to provide access to essential medicines to patients in Europe and the UK. This vital work wouldn’t be possible without the use of state-of-the-art logistics resources and facilities.

Clarity Pharma recently acquired a new warehouse to support these critical operations. The stock that would be stored in the new warehouse would be very sensitive to temperature fluctuation. As a result, the ventilation system would need to be carefully planned to ensure that the correct temperature could be achieved throughout the space. This would be challenging because of the combination of very high ceilings and very tall storage racks, which can often block the flow of air to the lower levels, especially when heating.

Our Approach

Working with 361 Degrees contractors, Prihoda supplied five tailormade straight fabric ducts and one branched duct to cover the entire area as evenly as possible. Each duct was made of airtight woven material so that all the air would be released through the nozzles. These were arranged into rows designed to direct air between the racks and throughout the open area.

A beat absorber was also fitted on the end of each duct to prevent a forceful inflation, ensuring a gentle and soft start. On Clarity Pharma’s request, we expedited the project by delivering the tracks before the ducts were ready. With the tracks installed, the ducts could simply be slid into place.

The Outcome

Feedback on the ventilation of the warehouse has been very positive. With the new fabric ducts, the warehouse has uniform air distribution even near the tall racks, with no regions of stagnant air. The temperature can be set precisely, without risking hot or cold spots which could affect the shelf life of the pharmaceutical stock. And there is no need to worry about dust and dirty air. The fabric ducting material is made using endless fibres. This means no fibres are shed into the warehouse, in accordance with Prihoda’s ISO 4 cleanroom certification. Any soiling that does occur can be washed away in a washing machine.

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