Warehouse Ventilation

A different approach

It’s not easy to achieve adequate ventilation in a warehouse. Moving large volumes of air through spaces of considerable size is a serious challenge when planning warehouse ventilation. Obstructions such as racks and equipment can get in the way of airflow and cause regions of stagnant air.

The solution? Prihoda fabric ducting. Our fabric ducts can act as diffusers all along their length, carrying fresh air to every area and making warehouse ventilation effortlessly simple.

Tailored airflow

Every Prihoda system is bespoke and engineered to deliver the optimal airflow pattern for the space. Nozzles can be used to direct air exactly where it is needed, even in challenging high bay warehouse ventilation. And as the nozzles are made from the same fabric material as our ducts, they are exceptionally fire resistant, certified to European standard EN13501-1 class B-s1,d0.

Quick and easy installation

Switching to fabric is easy. Installation is much quicker than traditional rigid systems, leading to substantial savings in terms of time and labour. Even with large, complex projects, downtime is significantly reduced – every system is expertly designed to fit the space exactly, and no balancing is needed.

For customers who want the most convenience, we also offer installation services.

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