Eastwood High School, Scotland

A classroom in Eastwood High School with fabric ducting

Eastwood High School is a first-class comprehensive school in Scotland. The school provides a wide range of subjects and opportunities for study and encourages the highest standards from its pupils.

It was initially established as one of the successors of the old Eastwood Senior Secondary School, which first opened in 1936 near Glasgow. In recent years, Eastwood High School has modernised its facilities by opening a new state of the art school building, to continue providing high quality teaching in the best learning environment.

A classroom in Eastwood High School with fabric ducting

The Challenge

We were asked to assist in the design of a new ventilation system for the school. The scope of the project covered the school’s classroom areas but their usage was quite varied, as is typical in most schools. From science laboratories to kitchens and workshops, this was a multifaceted ventilation project.

As is usually the case with educational applications, the new system had to be quiet so as to not distract the teachers and pupils during class time. Another consideration here was the possibility of draughts. They can also be distracting, so we wanted to minimise them as much as possible. While the air changes needed to be sufficient to create a fresh and pleasant environment in all areas, the air circulation had to be kept at a low velocity to avoid distracting the pupils and affecting their performance.

Science class with Prihoda fabric ducts at Eastwood High School

Our Approach

Prihoda designed and supplied over 200 D-shaped fabric ducts to cover the classrooms’ heating, cooling and ventilation requirements. The ducts were end-fed with round inlets with a gentle transition from round to half-round. Due to the relatively low ceiling heights, the ductwork was mounted directly onto the exposed concrete ceilings. We manufactured them in a neutral colour, keeping with the school’s smart look and maintaining visual balance and harmony. Laser-cut perforations were chosen to diffuse the air due to their throw characteristics and endless design flexibility. Using our airflow simulation software, we carefully determined the perforation patterns to meet each classroom’s air spread and velocity needs.

In all, we delivered over 200 fabric ducts, all made to measure and designed specifically for each area.

Half round fabric ducts installed on exposed concrete ceiling

The Outcome

The result? A modern ventilation ducting system that perfectly addresses the airflow needs of each classroom. The laser-cut perforations provide noiseless airflow during class time, whether it is for simple ventilation, heating or cooling.

With their half-round shape, the ductwork creates a low-profile system that doesn’t require very high ceilings to operate effectively. Their shape also allows them to maintain their aesthetic qualities even with variable control systems – they will keep their shape without internal structures to hold them open. And for a neater appearance, the installation includes Prihoda’s tensioning mechanism, which keeps the ducts smooth and wrinkleless.

With Prihoda’s low maintenance, specialist material, Eastwood High School will be reaping the benefits of using our fabric duct systems for many years to come.

Fabric ducting at Eastwood High School, Scotland

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