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Classroom Fabric Ducting

Schools and Academies are common applications for Prihoda Fabric Ducting. This example is the project we supplied for Eastwood School, Glasgow. Prihoda delivered in excess of 220 ducts for Cooling, Heating and Tempered Fresh Air for each classroom. All ducts were half round shaped and mounted direct to the exposed concrete ceiling. The fabric ducting connects back to the galvanised steel supply duct via a mezz flange and incorporates a fabric transition from rectanglaur steel to half round fabric, all of which zips together.

Air movement for each classroom is calculated individually based upon the air volume, mounting height, throw, room layout and the temperature difference of the supply air. With a choice of 9 stock colours at no additional cost – or the option of printing special colours, messages or logo’s etc, each room is a unique design.

Classroom ventilation and air distribution information here